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We at Public BRICKstory bring to you the excitement of historical worlds in the form of LEGO©. Through carefully created designs, we seek to capture the essence and stories of the past. While staying true to fact and detail, our builds reimagine people, places and narratives to render them graspable to a contemporary audience. This is our effort to push the boundaries of modern storytelling.

Latest on Public BRICKstory

LEGO Colosseum

Public BRICKstory had the pleasure to write an in-depth review over at New Elementary on the newly released LEGO 10276 Roman Colosseum set, consisting of 9.036 parts!

LEGO Egypt Concepts

While we were very busy this month with other stuff, there was some kind of contemplation while drawing this concept of a egyptian interior temple wall, which surrounds the Hypostyle.

Newsletter October

In our current issue we featured a important and large scale project about slavery, the Warsaw Ghetto uprising and a beatifully recreated Venetian fish-boat!

LEGO Egypt - Update

The work on the great Karnak style temple is going on very well!

The side aisles of the Hypostyle are done and the large columns in the middle are finished!

Newsletter September

In our September issue we featured a very huge Viking collaboration and bust, the fall of an old empire and the rise of a new one, as well as (of course) some LEGO Egypt!

10.000 Supporters!

On LEGO Ideas, the Colosseum (Architecture Style) hit the critical margin of 10.000 Supporters - To all who made this possible and supported us a big and heartful GRATIAS TIBI!