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We at Public BRICKstory bring to you the excitement of historical worlds in the form of LEGO©. Through carefully created designs, we seek to capture the essence and stories of the past. While staying true to fact and detail, our builds reimagine people, places and narratives to render them graspable to a contemporary audience. This is our effort to push the boundaries of modern storytelling.

Latest on Public BRICKstory

Newsletter July

In our July issue we featured a great collab about Renaissance Polymath and universal Genius Leonardo da Vinci, among castles, the Hidden City and the golden mask of Tutankhamun ...


While we weren't productive in terms of models, progress etc., we were quite active though: We collected, sorted & inventarised tons of new parts and made sketches for upcoming content.

Newsletter June

In our June issue we featured a massive WW II Diorama, a Aztec tale/legend and a decisive battle of the Peloponnesian War. And of course some LEGO Egypt and much more ...

LEGO Egypt - Update

PBS created a new subpage for our huge LEGO Egypt project. Everything done so far, the various prototypes and the big "Karnak-style" temple study can be found there!

Newsletter May

In our May issue we featured a very atmospheric London 1886, an homeric warship, articles of the Peasants Revolt and the White Rose, as well as LEGO Egypt in a nutshell & more...

Hathor Columns

We revisited again the difficult design of the Hathor columns of the Dendera temple (Egypt) and narrowed it to four different color variations, of which one or two will be used in the future.