LEGO Greece

The roots of Public BRICKstory goes down to the representation of classical Greece in LEGO, especially with the 2014 collaboration of Homer's Odyssey, which was a experimental playground for combining a construction toy with history.

Homer's Odyssey

Long time before the start of Public BRICKstory, back in 2014, Kevin had the pleasure to coordinate, plan and organise the annual VirtuaLUG (LUG = LEGO Users Group) collaboration. The chosen subject was Homer's Odyssey in that year.

Our aim was to show as many scenes of the Odyssey as possible. You can find all pictures of the Slideshow on flickr with detailed description of the scenes.

Project "Olympias"

A few months back, around March 2020, we were asked to participate in a LEGO community scavenger hunt. The clues participants had to find was a seed-part of a recent LEGO-set, a ball-joint with red eye pattern (Bricklink ID: 32474pb016). The idea, that came up spontaneously was the use as iconic eye of an antique warship.

The pictures above show a first and very simple study, how a attic trireme could possibly look like in LEGO. After some research on the matter, we stumbled upon the Olympias - an reconstructed attic trireme, which is in service by the Greek Navy.

A complete trireme, with all its rowers, the ram and the fascinating details is on the "must-do" list for the future. The Red-Eye was not only the seed-part for the scavenger hunt back in March 2020, but also the seed of the project "Olympias".