About Us

Kevin Walter

M.A. History (University of Freiburg, 2018)

B.A. History (University of Freiburg, 2014)

Public BRICKstory (PBS) is the work of LEGO© enthusiast and historian Kevin J. Walter, in his effort to combine his two lines of interest: The study of the past and professional LEGO© building.

If you want to find out more on how PBS was founded, please read up on it on our blog.

Please reach out to Kevin via e-mail or social media:







Public BRICKstory is eager to create high-quality costum-made concepts and builds to convey historical realities within LEGO© storyworlds.

By paying attention to the demands of historical accuracy, PBS through its longstanding knowledge of the field is able to tap the full potential of the medium of LEGO©.


If you have suggestions, ideas or a story about the intersection of LEGO© and history, please reach out.


We are interested in collaborating with other LEGO© builders or historians to create challenging projects.


PBS creates holistic concepts for third parties in the educational, museum or entertainment sector, including entire LEGO© architectures.